Certification Schedule

An Exam Informational Handbook will be sent as a PDF file via email within 7 days of registration for the exam. if you do NOT receive it in this time frame please check your junk email and email the certifications manager at certifications@breastcare.org

There are no refunds on exams once the informational handbook is sent to you.

Online Exam - June 1st to 30th 2023 - Cart now open
Online Exam - October 1st to October 31st 2023 - Cart now open
In-Person Exam - March 19th or 20th  2024 - (will open with the 2024 NCoBC Conference Cart)   

Application/Registration is required at least 1 week prior to testing at each location.  Those who need an accommodation and can supply appropriate documentation can reach out to the certification manager at certifications@breastcare.org for assistance.  NCBC abides by the ADA requirements for testing accommodations.  Click this link to see NCBC's Special Accommodations Policy and Form.

Click here to download the Navigation Exam Application 

Test results
For both in person and online testing, Test Scores will be emailed within three weeks of the test date, unless we are in a period of performing a standard setting on new test forms, during that time there may be a longer waiting period for test results.

With a passing score of 81% or higher for the CN-BM or the CN-BA, a 75% with the BCHN A, or a 79% with BHCN B you will receive the certification mark associated with the exam taken.

Exam Administration Policy

Certification Statistics

Total Currently Certified: 131 have earned the BHCN Certification Mark

Pass/Fail Rate for BHCN

  • 2022: 152 total testers, on new exam content outline effective 2022
    • Passed: 110
    • Failed: 42
  • 2023: 27 testers (as of March 2023)
    • Passed: 21
    • Failed: 6

Total Currently Certified: 152 have earned either the CN-BA or CN-BM Certification Mark

Pass/Fail Rate for CN-BA or CN-BM

  • From 2007 - 2021 3,000 test takers
  • 2021: 31 total testers
    • Passed: 28
    • Failed: 3
  • 2022: 30 total testers:
    • Passed: 30
    • Failed: 1
  • 2023: 15 testers (as of March 2023)
    • Passed: 14
    • Failed: 1

NCBC is in the process of accrediting its certification through the National Commission of Certifying Agencies. It is hoped that individuals who wish to be certified are currently navigating breast patients as part of their job, and are familiar with many, if not all, aspects of navigation for a breast care/cancer patient. Although experience is not a condition of certification eligibility, the beta testing results to date have revealed that experience has a direct correlation to the level of success of taking the certification examination