Certified Navigators

Breast Navigators It's Time to Renew Your Certification

Need to renew?  Just click on the link below (there is no need to log in), fill out your contact information and  make your $150 Navigator renewal payment, this will include a free individual NCBC membership and in 15 minutes you're done!   If you need to pay via check for your renewal, please contact aerial@breastcare.org so I can get your the proper paperwork.


The NCoBC Conference each year will fulfills all of your CEU requirements for renewal.  If you attended the current year's Interdisciplinary Breast Center Conference you can just write that in the first CEU box and be done.  If you're interested in attending in the coming year, registration can be found at https://www.breastcare.org/ 

We will be sending certificates (as a pdf) via email for all renewals. If you want a printed copy it is $5 and you can order that on the renewal form. If you have not received your new emailed certificate in 3 weeks, please feel free to reach out to me at aerial@breastcare.org

Certification Annual Renewal

The Breast Navigator Certification requires annual renewals with eight (8) continuing education credits earned per year, a failure to renew will result in inactive certification after 60 days past expiration and decertification after 1 year past expiration.

Certification Renewal Instructions
The online renewal form can be found at https://www.navigatorcertifications.org/certified-navigators/ Applicant Information: Complete this section with information about the applicant to maintain current certification records.

Active Certification
To maintain an active certification status, all certified individuals must annually submit the required data and documentation via the online system at: https://www.navigatorcertifications.org/certified-navigators

Inactive Certification or Decertification
Individuals will become inactive when they have not renewed their certification 60 days past their expiration date.  Individuals holding Inactive Certification status will not be listed as Navigators on the NCBC directory. A previously certified individual not currently performing as a Breast Navigator may choose to hold an Inactive Certification.

Inactive status can be used for up to one year before the individual must either re-activate or be decertified.

Individuals holding an Inactive Certification may become active again, upon meeting all continuing education requirements, submission of required forms, payment, and documentation for active Certification without taking another examination. With Inactive Certification you are not required to pay the annual $159.34 (includes a printed and mailed certificate). Navigator renewal fee. Decertification will commence once a certification has been expired for one year and will require recertification.

Certification Annual Renewal Requirements
Professionals renewing their BHCN certification are expected to maintain their valid license, provide updates regarding contact information, participate in 4 general/tumor board CEU’s and participate in 4 navigation, course specific CEU’s. For the full Requirements Document Click here.

Qualifications of Certificants
Certified Navigators with NCBC have met the following criteria:

  • Completed and NCBC certification exam
  • Maintain Continuing Education requirements for renewal
  • Use the certification mark and credentials within the scope in which the certification was granted
    • NCBC maintains the right to take all appropriate steps including legal or other action, such as requiring the discontinuation of the use of the designation, suspension during investigation, or revocation of the certification, to protect its rights from unauthorized use.

Use of Credentials
Only individuals who have been granted the certification and appropriately maintained the certification may use the CN-B* or BHCN credential.  Use of the credential may only be used within the scope for which the certification was granted and not in a misleading or fraudulent manner.  NCBC maintains the right to take all appropriate steps including legal or other action, such as requiring the discontinuation of the use of the designation, suspension during investigation, or revocation of the credential, to protect its rights from unauthorized use.

Verification of Certification
Verification of certification, certification status, and certification expiration/renewal date is available through the searchable Navigator Verification directory on the web site or by contacting NCBC. Release of any other information requires the written consent of the certificant. Requests and written consent are kept electronically on a secured email server or in a locked cabinet in certificant’s file.