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The Individual Professional Wins!
• Validation of qualifcations, knowledge and skills
• Greater confdence in providing care / services
• A heightened ability to discern barriers to quality patient care
• More effective education of patients
• Enhance collaboration with peers, colleagues and team members
The Employer Wins!
• Greater retention of employees due to professional and personal satisfaction
• Reduce exposure to risk
• Enhanced care for patients and clients to distinguish them from competitors
• A documented Navigation componenet toward accreditation
• A way for employers to sort through the resumes at a primary level
The Patients And Families Win!
• Assurance that the provide of care is qualified and competent at more than a basic level
• Improved quality, safety and accuracy of care by advanced skilled professionals
• Expanded knowledge to be shared about choices and treatment options;
• More empowerment in decision making
• Knowledge that the professional has demonstrated the desire to improve their quality of patient care and service delivery

Become a Certified Breast Patient Navigator through the National Consortium of Breast Centers' (NCBC) Breast Patient Navigator Certification Program. Learn More about the criteria to be allowed to take the Navigation Exam.
BPNC Certification Schedule
April 07-08, 2020 - Las Vegas NVRegister
Future dates and locations coming soon
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There is no need to log in, just fill out your contact information, enter your CEUs (8 CEUs are required, 4 for breast and 4 for navigation), make your $51 Navigator renewal payment and click submit.

Did you know there have been changes in the NCBC Navigator Certification Program?

The NCBC Breast Patient Navigation Certification Program offers six types of Breast Patient Navigator Certifications:
The Certified Navigator - Breast in Imaging, Management, Advocate, Clinical, Provider, or Nurse.
Navigators only take 1 exam, the exam developed for their specific licensure.

CERTIFIED NAVIGATORS – BREAST (+ individual designation based on licensure)

CN-BI = Diagnostic Imaging/Treatment Techs (All technologists from diagnostics to treatments)

CN-BM = Management/Social Worker (All social workers and managers of navigators)

CN-BA = Advocate (All volunteers/lay navigators)

CN-BC = Clinical (All certified medical assistants, technicians, licensed practical/vocational nurses)

CN-BP = Provider (All breast care diagnosticians, nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assts, breast care PhDs)

CN-BN = RN (All registered nurses from breast care, diagnostic imaging, treatment, survivorship, genetics)

Certification reflects an individual’s achievement beyond licensure requirements and a basic level
of knowledge of navigation. It exhibits dedication to validating a specific set of skills to provide enhanced
care and services for patients and clients through advanced competency.

Kristie Bobolis MD
President, NCBC
Medical Director
Breast Cancer Program • Sutter Roseville Medical Center
Roseville, CA


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The overall goal of this program is: To save the lives of women diagnosed with breast cancer and ensure timely and efficient delivery of breast care/cancer services through quality and excellence in the navigation of a breast patient through their imaging and/or cancer care and treatment.

Breast Patient Navigator Certification

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