Meet the Navigation Committee Members

Kristie Bobolis MD, CGRA, BHCN - Certification Board President
Kristie is the Medical Director of the Breast Cancer Program at Sutter Roseville Medical Center (SRMC), the Immediate Past President and Fellow of the National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCBC). Dr. Bobolis focuses her practice caring for women with breast cancer and high-risk patients. She is the founding Medical Director of the Cancer Risk/Genetics and Lymphedema Programs and leads the multidisciplinary breast team at SRMC Cancer Center. She remains active in clinical research.


Nicole Centers MBA, BSN, RN, OCN, CBCN, CN-BN - Committee Chair
Nicole is the Executive Director of the Oncology Service Line as the Nurse Leader for WellStar Health System. Starting her oncology career as an infusion and compounding nurse, she has worked in many facets of oncology care in Kentucky, Florida, Texas, and Georgia. Having developed breast health and genetic clinics, overseen cancer clinic builds, and created several navigation programs, the impact of quality, patient-centered care is the focus of her career. Nicole serves on and leads several national committees with varying organizations to share best practices, develop testing, and standard set for varying professional components of the care continuum. Throughout her career, NCBC has remained a source of growth and experience, from certifying as a breast navigator, presenting posters of abstracts, serving on committees, presenting best practices in navigation, to now serving on their Board of Directors.


Monique Tiffany MSN, RN, CGRA, BHCN - Committee Co-Chair
Monique is an experienced cancer genetics trained and certified nurse who serves as a clinical resource at Myriad Genetics for healthcare providers. As a Medical Science Liaison for Myriad, she consults with healthcare providers regarding cancer-genetics related clinical questions, identification of patients at risk, results disclosure, and clinical practice updates. As a Nurse planner she creates and delivers programs that support nursing continuing professional development.  Prior to joining the Myriad team, she worked as an oncology nurse navigator, specialized breast cancer nurse, and high risk/cancer genetics program coordinator in both oncologic surgery and imaging service lines.  In addition, she is a 20+ year triple-negative breast cancer survivor and a BRCA1 mutation carrier with a passion for helping those diagnosed with cancer and the prevention of cancer in those who are at risk.


Christine Brown MS, BSN, RN, RD, OCN, BHCN - Chair Navigation Certification Exam
Christine currently serves as the Oncology Nurse Navigation and Cancer Program Coordinator for Legacy Health System. Staring her oncology career as an outpatient dietitian, she went on to obtain a master’s degree and subsequently served as a manager at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara where she directed the development of regional cancer support services, genetics, and community outreach programs. The emerging field of oncology nurse navigation was the impetus for Christine to change careers and become a nurse.  She is dedicated to person-centered, quality-focused cancer care and has served on several national committees including NCBC. Christine plays a key role in maintaining NAPBC and CoC accreditations for Legacy’s integrated network cancer program.


Jenifer Dumire BSN, RN, CVRN-BC, BHCN, CGRA
Jenifer is a Nurse Navigator at The Breast Center at Midland Health in Midland, Texas who is passionate about providing the highest standard of breast care. She heads the Comprehensive Breast Committee, responsible for The Breast Center’s NAPBC (National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers) accreditation. She also spends many hours in community outreach, identifying patient populations that are underserved to reach those patients with early detection by education through churches, civic gatherings and health fairs. She serves as the Genetic Navigator who developed a high-risk clinic at The Breast Center identifying those who are at increased lifetime risk for breast cancer, guiding these patients to receive recommended screening.  She is also responsible for the implementation of the center’s genetic testing.


Lisa Spencer M.Ed., BSRT(T), BHCN, OPN-CG, CMF
Lisa is the Breast Care Patient Navigator at Penn State Health – St. Joseph in Reading, Pennsylvania. Lisa holds certifications in Radiation Therapy, Breast Imaging Navigation, Oncology Navigation and Mastectomy Fitting. Lisa has worked at Cancer Centers in Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL and now in Reading, PA.  Lisa is an educator at heart and does many hours of volunteer service for St. Joseph in the Reading community.  Lisa is also a former President (2015 – 2020) and current Board of Directors member at Breast Cancer Support Services ( and volunteers there as well. “Cancer is just a chapter in our lives and not the whole story.”


Char Vasile R.T. (R) (M), BHCN
Char will soon be retiring as the Program Manager for the Breast Center of Excellence at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital in Pueblo, Colorado.  She has 30 years of breast imaging experience and has been responsible for NAPBC and NQMBC accreditation.  She also has been responsible for MQSA for two facilities and assisted in St. Mary-Corwin’s BiCOE accreditation.  She as helped develop a High Risk Breast care clinic and navigation program.  She has also worked with Myriad and Volpara/CRA to integrate genetics into the EPIC mammography  workflow.


Kristi Denny RT(R)(M)(BS) BHCN, CGRA
Kristi has over 25 years of breast imaging experience and is registered in multiple modalities. Her current role is the Genetic Navigator at Grandview Cancer Center in Birmingham, AL.   In her time there she has been responsible for building their Interdisciplinary Breast Program as well as the Genetics Program and pursuing Centers of Excellence for Lung, Base of Skull, and Pancreas.  Kristi also runs the Cancer Support Group to help those walking through cancer build community with others.



Kimberlee Moses RN, BSN, OCN
Kim graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI, in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.  After receiving her RN license, Kim accepted a position on an oncology floor and developed a deep passion for this patient population and love of the role.
These feelings haven’t changed over the past 26 years.  Kim has been blessed to work in a variety of specialties within the cancer world; inpatient medical oncology, pediatric bone marrow transplants, surgical oncology outpatient, radiation oncology and since 2006, cancer navigation.   Currently, Kim is the Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator at the PeaceHealth St. Joseph Cancer Center in Bellingham, WA.
In addition to nurse navigation, Kim has lectured to various local and national groups and serves on the NCBC Navigation Committee.


Adrianne Alexander BSN, RN
Adrianne currently serves as the Nurse Navigator and Administrative Program Manager of the High-Risk Breast Cancer clinic at CJW Medical Center in the HCA Healthcare System. Adrianne started her career in critical care nursing nearly 20 years ago specializing in cardiothoracic patients before transitioning to nurse navigation. During her time as a cardiothoracic nurse navigator Adrianne directed the development of cardiac navigation clinics in California and Nevada before moving to Virginia. After the loss of her daughter to breast cancer she was driven to change her career and focus on breast cancer prevention.  She has been the driving force in the development and implementation of her High-Risk Breast Cancer Program in partnership with Sarah Cannon Research Institute. As a two-time cancer survivor, Adrianne is dedicated to patient centered care and devotes many hours to volunteering and patient advocacy. Adrianne has performed extensive outreach throughout the community and with referring providers to build referral patterns and resources for patients.  She is an active member of the American Cancer Society, Cancer Action Coalition of Virginia, Virginia Patient Navigators Network, Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation, Virginia Breast Cancer Taskforce, National Navigation Round Table, and the National Consortium of Breast Centers. She serves on committees and taskforces for these organizations and is a frequent speaker and presenter for both local and national conferences and meetings.


Tami Hudson, RN, BSN, BHCN
Tami is the Breast Health Clinical Navigator at Singing River Health System in south Mississippi. She began her nursing career in 2006 after receiving an associate degree from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. She received her bachelor degree in nursing from University of Mississippi in 2020. In 2022, she completed the Intensive Course in Genetic Cancer Risk Assessment at City of Hope in Durante, California, and received her Breast Health Clinical Navigator certification from National Consortium of Breast Centers. Tami assisted with the development and implementation of the genetic testing and high-risk breast programs at Singing River Health System. She oversees screening and provides pre/post genetic test education and counseling for patients tested through the mammography department. She also manages high-risk breast patients who qualify for additional surveillance based on risk assessment scores and breast density.


Susie Ulloa, BSN, OCN, ONN-CG

Susie is a Registered Nurse with ample clinical experience, specializing in Oncology Navigation. Her area of expertise is assisting breast cancer patients and their families during all phases of treatment. By specializing in navigation, Susie uses that experience to identify and remove barriers to care, optimize adherence to treatment, improve patient experience, and provide ongoing support to patients. Susie earned a bachelor’s nursing degree from Walden University. She is an Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN) and holds a Navigation Certification from the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+). She has authored several publications and is actively engaged with the National Consortium of Breast Centers and AONN+


Nelly Ulate MSN, RN, CN-BN, ONN-CG