Exam Description

The NCBC Navigator Certification Exam Description is available at the link below.

Navigator Exam Description

All navigators, regardless of designation, are required to understand the full extent of patient movement through this documented system of care.

It is important to note that while each test has similar national standards and common core knowledge test questions, the questions are written specific to the scope of practice as recognized by the individual designation.

Navigators have a specific function at any given space in time during patient care, but to be an effective navigator is to have knowledge of the full spectrum of care.  The National Consortium of Breast Center’s test bases questions then on these criteria:

  • Scope of practice
  • Licensure and Certification Standards
  • Nationally recognized guidelines

It is important to note that while navigators must understand the spectrum of care, proper use of this Navigational model includes the understanding that no one can work outside their specific parameters as defined by licensure, state and national regulations, or facility protocol. Anyone working outside these parameters is subject to inquiry and disciplinary action.

If you have any questions, please contact the NCBC Certifications Manager at 574-401-8113 or by email at certifications@breastcare.org.