Does NCBC offer Certifications?

Navigation: https://www.navigatorcertifications.org/

CGRA: https://www.cgracertification.org/

NQMBC: https://www.nqmbc.org/

Oncoplastics: https://www.breastcare.org/ONCOPLASTIC/

Do I need to be certified to be a part of your organization?
No you don’t need to be certified to be a member of the NCBC

Do you offer CEUs?
Yes at our annual conference in March see our home site for more information www.breastcare.org

How do I apply for Certification?
Please follow the link https://www.navigatorcertifications.org/certification-schedule/

How do I know if I qualify to sit for the exam?
Follow the link for details https://www.navigatorcertifications.org/certification/

When is the certification offered?

How do I renew my certification?
You can reach out to Aerial at the NCBC home office at 574-401-8113 or aerial@breastcare.org you can also visit https://www.navigatorcertifications.org/certified-navigators/

What is the cost of Certification?
The cost for any of the Navigation Exams it is $295

What is the renewal process?
Need to Renew? fill out your contact information and make your $150 Navigator renewal payment, this will include a free individual NCBC membership and in 15 minutes you're done! If you need to pay via check for your renewal, please contact me at aerial@breastcare.org so I can get you the proper paperwork. The NCoBC Conference each year will fulfills all of your CEU requirements for renewal. If you attended the current year's Interdisciplinary Breast Center Conference you can just write that in the first CEU box and be done. If you're interested in attending in the coming year, registration can be found at https://www.breastcare.org/

We will be sending certificates (as a pdf) via email for all renewals. If you want a printed copy it is $5 and you can order that on the renewal form. If you have not received your new emailed certificate in 3 weeks, please feel free to reach out to me at aerial@breastcare.org.

What are the benefits of being an NCBC member?
Please check out the membership link https://www.breastcare.org/why-membership/

Is there a practice exam?
NCBC is the testing organization therefore we cannot be the educator. What this means is we are not allowed to provide the educational material for the examination. NCBC will provide a handbook for those who are registered for the exam, to assist in the review of the main domains and concepts of the expected knowledge. We will not share samples of our test as that would be a violation of the standards we are held to. The candidate handbook, sent by NCBC, does not contain all the material the applicant should review to prepare for the examination, but it does list the resources from which questions/answers were validated. To prepare for the examination the applicant should take the practice exams offered in the study document and refresh him/herself on missed practice test questions, as well as on information received during their medical professional training. This course was not designed to teach you about imaging or oncology, you should already know that if you are working in the field.

How long does it take to get exam results?
Within 3 weeks of taking the exam you will receive results unless it is a year we update the exam.

Who can I contact with Questions?
Aerial Gilbert (Certification Manager) at the NCBC Home Office 574-401-8113 or aerial@breastcare.org