Exam Re-Testing Policy

If an individual does not pass the examination, they may sit for the examination again during the next 12 months for no additional fee (except travel to where the exam is being offered). A minimum 6 month waiting period is required between all exam attempts. If an applicant does not pass and desires to sit for the examination again after 12 months of their first registration (or examination) they will need to pay the registration fee again to take the examination.  If the tester fails a second time, they must wait 6 months to retest and must pay a retest fee of $295. There is no limit on retakes as long as the required waiting periods are met.

The rationale for the waiting period between retakes is to give candidates adequate time to prepare between testing attempts and ensure that candidates do not memorize the test content and have an edge to looking up the information before retesting.  In addition, the retesting policy mitigates over-exposure of exam content by requiring retests on different exam forms.

If candidates experience a technical issue that causes them to be unable to complete their exam session, the waiting period may not be required. If possible, candidates may be permitted to complete the unfinished portion of their exam without having access to the previously completed portion. Or, candidates may be given the option to retest on a different test form. These situations will be evaluated by the executive director on a case by case basis considering what caused the exam disruption and the need to ensure exam security.

If you have any questions please contact the NCBC Certifications Manager at 574-401-8113 or email certifications@breastcare.org .